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The Language of Objectives Part of The Change Anything KitBe an ace at dealing with complex situations

by Pascal Laliberté

A 10-week course on a mental reprogramming technique called have-done lists so you can focus on your life’s bigger priorities. It’ll be like learning a new (meta) language. You’re in for some breakthroughs.

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Hi. My name is Pascal and I’m offering a course about a trick I’ve learned: how to write objectives in a way I call have-done lists. Instead of writing to-do’s, you’re writing stuff you will have done.

Here’s what have-done lists look like:

Before the end of the morning, I’ll have:

  • Made sure everyone in the family started their day feeling good
  • Written the next example for the course
    • Made a first draft of the evolution of the example’s have-done list
    • Written the narrative surrounding the example’s have-done list
  • Done the 7-minute workout

Before the end of the meeting:

  • I’ll have:

    • Obtained a change in the way we work
      • Communicated my concern with the way it’s working right now
      • Shared another alternative
  • He’ll have:

    • Obtained an authentic and frank discussion
    • Obtained a key player on the delivery of the new project

Before the end of the month, I’ll have:

  • Had a breakthrough talking to my brother
  • Advanced in preparing my next career move
    • Published something scary and important
      • Reduced my ideas down to something I can ship before the end of the year
  • Prepared for the holidays

From Catch-up to Catch-all

Maybe you’re going through something like this right now:

From This-isn’t-working to This-will-work

Or maybe your situation needs to change in deeper ways.

I’ve found that have-done lists let me…

I turn to have-done lists

Structure of the course

The course will run over 10 weeks.

Every week, you’ll receive an email with an example situation (we’ll pretend you’re the person in the situation). We’ll use have-done lists to help write some objectives to get progress on that example situation. Here’s an example article which resembles how an example will be delivered in your email.

Week after week, example by example, you’ll unlearn what leads to the same results you used to have, and you’ll learn new ways to write objectives that get you what you really want. It’ll be like learning a new language.

Also, with each email, I’ll encourage you to share your objectives with me so I can give you feedback. Just reply back to share your own list, and I’ll help you by giving you quick ideas and suggestions to improve the way your objectives are written.

Your have-done lists for the course

By the end of your first few weeks in the course, by putting in the effort, you will have:

By the end of the course, after sticking with it, you will have:


“No need for any shiny new app, a perfect reference system or that new faster device to save some time – all you need is your brain and heart in order to getting done what needs to be done and what you want to be done. But your mind needs to be rewired in order for that to work properly, and this course helps one to set sail on this journey of finding one’s true objectives, life goals, desires and needs in relationships and the best way to prioritize handle all those mundane daily tasks as well. After those ten weeks you won’t be perfect and much work will still be needed - but you will be ready and armed with wisdom, advice and a better self-understanding in order to embark on your life’s journey with a renewed perspective and ambition.”

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A personal note

I’ve relied on this way of writing objectives for much of the breakthroughs I’ve had in the last long while. By visualizing a better situation, and focusing on the smallest thing I could do to improve the situation, I found some surprising ways to make things work out with less effort. I’ve managed some important small things, and I’ve navigated through some complex bigger things with these too. Put in the effort to re-write your options with these objectives lists, and you’ll likely be surprised too.

If you’ve got some questions, look below for my email address.

Get to those bigger priorities!

Pascal Laliberté