Presentation: Create a Striking Product Using Jobs-To-Be-Done

Given Nov. 18, 2017 at ProductCamp Ottawa, by Pascal Laliberté.

Video of the presentation

Just the slides?

Want to skip ahead or speed through the slides? There’s a version of the slides of the presentation that’s adapted with extra narrative text, so you can share it or read through it without watching the video.

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Book recommendations

Course on conducting interviews

The Re-Wired Group offers a good course on conducting Jobs-To-Be-Done Interviews with your buyers.

Video from Highrise CEO Nate Kontny

Highrise CEO Nate Kontny explains the jobs they found out after interviewing their buyers.

How I can help

Jobs-To-Be-Done Interviews

To find out what jobs your existing buyers are hiring your product for, here’s one way to do it. We find 10 people who recently bought your product, we find out if they’re a good match to be interviewed.

Each interview is about 50 minutes long, and we ask the buyer to recount the story of the purchase. We then analyze the findings, and come up with a plan to test some changes in the product’s marketing.

Reach out if you’d like to know more.

Want to feel what it’s like to be interviewed? Let me interview you on a purchase you made recently.

Hope this helps,
Pascal Laliberté