The Change Anything Kit by Pascal Laliberté About me 👇

Tool #1
Learn the two techniques
on mental reprogramming
that I use

1. Have-done lists

Pretend you’re in the future, and write what you'll be celebrating. Re-write and re-order until the list rings true.

Before the end of the my conversation with my boss:

  • I’ll have:

    • Obtained a change in the way we work
      • Communicated my concern with the way it’s working right now
      • Shared another alternative
  • She’ll have:

    • Obtained an authentic and frank discussion
    • Obtained a key player on the delivery of the new project

2. Mental models

Detect the mental models that warp how you see reality, and catch them before you go off on the wrong course.

What am I so sure about?

  • Unless things change, it’ll go bad
    • Maybe
  • If I propose a change, she’ll be defensive
    • If I make the vulnerable first step, I might learn something
  • Surely, my manager has thought of the problem already
    • Maybe she did
    • Maybe she wasn’t ready to talk about it because she had no solution

Quick Intro Video

(Length: 5 min)

Video With More In-Depth Examples

In the video below (38 min), see how the following three situations are changed using have-done lists and mental models

Three Timely-ish Articles

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Make sure your resolutions fit with the rest of your life’s complexities

Prepare a Very Worthwhile (Summer)
By Re-Wiring Your Brain Using Have-Done Lists

To go deep, there’s also a course:

The Language of Objectives is a 10-week course on learning have-done lists. Every week, get an email with an example situation improved by using have-done lists, and get coaching on your own lists via email by me. By the mid-way point, by putting in the effort, you’ll have obtained a breakthrough in one area of your life. Get notified when the course is offered next.

Or start with what you know

Tool #2
Let’s have a call
and use the knowledge you have

About me

My name is Pascal. I’ve developed these techniques so that I could use my natural preferences to go big-picture and small-picture at the same, to strive for doing the right thing, and to think of every variable. Since then, I’ve improved situations in my life that left me surprised. Sometimes, all that is needed is to adopt the right posture, finding the smallest thing that’ll do the biggest impact, and changing our mindsets. I hope I can help you with your situations too.