The Change Anything Kit by Pascal Laliberté About me 👇

If it’s up to you to make that important change happen, here’s what I offer:

Tool #1
Learn the two techniques
on mental reprogramming
that I use

I use have-done lists and mental models to shape my thoughts ahead an an important change. Free video and articles, and a paid course.

Tool #2
Let’s have a call
and use the knowledge you have

I’ll ask you some questions and listen to your situation. You’ll come out better prepared. Free time slots, paid time slots if you can’t wait.

To help change situations like these:

How do you broach situations like these? One question you can ask yourself is this: at the end, say it went super well, what will you be celebrating having done? You’ll have… (and complete the sentence). This helps change your perspective to that of a success, and the act of writing down statements (and re-writing them) forces you to make priority choices and to be intentional about your actions.

Am I the right person to make these changes? Questions like these expose that you’ve got beliefs that are taking hostage of your options. To help expose those beliefs (and re-write them), I ask myself the question: “What am I so convinced of”, and I make a list of what comes out. This is called tending to your mental models.

Seeing everything that’s wrong is debilitating, but there’s two benefits for you: 1) you’ve got a knack for caring for things people don’t care about and 2) you can use your tendency to inventory everything to be the person who will change the way things are managed so that all that is important is taken care of. When it’s about changing the overall approach, the situation needs someone who cares about the very big and the very small at the same time.

Relationships, trust, communication. Getting good at those takes practice, and thankfully, you can prepare your mind to help nail those important interactions ahead of time. Let me show you how.

About me

Hi, my name’s Pascal. Those situations above, many of them I’ve had experience changing in my own life, and I believe I can help you with those situations you’d like to change too. The two options I propose are to learn the two mental reprogramming techniques I use, or to schedule a call with me. Glad to help.