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The Change Anything Kit Learn two mental reprogramming techniques I use, or let’s have a call

If it’s up to you to make that important change happen, I offer coaching and learning material to help you prepare to make that change happen. Learn more

Bleep, Bloop, Shop! A tweaking service for your Shopify Store.

I’m offering a tweaking service to make your Shopify Store faster to load and more up to date. (Why Bleep, Bloop? That’s the sounds our internet connections make here in Canada. jk, jk)

My work Personal Development, Product Marketing and Web UIs

I’m currently preparing a way to help product owners improve their sales by tweaking how they present their product. By understanding the reason why someone bought your product (they wanted progress in that area of their life), you can craft your messaging. To be notified when I announce that service, here’s where to sign-up:

Previous work

Up until February, I was at FarmLead, a marketplace for farmers to sell their grain. My role was in leading the design (Web, Android, iOS) and in building the web app.

Previously, it’s at the University of Ottawa that I helped bring user-centered design thinking, working on the web templates, and designing apps and web sites. At its Faculty of Medicine, I helped direct the creation of Learn.med, an online learning platform.

Some of my beliefs

Areas of interest

My main areas of interest are:

When building products, I use these technologies: I’ve been doing work with Vue.js for crafting web interfaces. When using Wordpress, I use the Roots kits (see my presentation on Roots at Wordpress Ottawa). When the site I’m building is small or if I’m doing prototyping work, Jekyll is my go-to static-site generator. When designing, I prefer building real UIs through code, and I use Sketch for mocking them up.

What I value most

A blog on modern Christianity

In this care for growth and relationships and depth, I continue to be drawn to Christianity. Although deeply skeptical, I joyfully believe. Learning to bridge modernity and faith has been good for me, and so I write a blog on Leading a modern life while living the Gospel, sharing the ways for achieving both, fully. Let’s grow towards more maturity, and to a more subtle faith.

Here are a few articles from the blog:

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In closing, two questions I think are helpful

These questions help me stay true, and they help me make good choices. I hope they’re useful to you too:

  1. What am I so convinced of? Any time I feel conflicted, agitated, or that my options are limited, I inspect and identify my mental models, those invisible lenses through which we distort how we see reality. I make it a habit to put my finger on my mental models, so I drive them and they don’t drive me. Every time I did this, I was able to solve the right problem, build the right thing, and help people in the way they needed the help. And the second question is:
  2. What will I be celebrating? Instead of writing lists of things to do, or of things I want to achieve, I write lists of things I’ll have achieved in a future place in time. I call these have-done lists. That subtle change of position helps me visualize what’s essential, what’s central and what to ship first, and also what’s a distraction and what to ignore until after that date. To write these lists, I use Taskmator for iOS and Taskpaper for Mac with a custom stylesheet.

Hope they help.

Thanks for reading

What about you? What do you care about? What are you working on? What are your tricks? Let me know: I’m @pascallaliberte on Twitter.